Smile Gallery

Dr. Daphne Kwan’s dedication, experience and passion is present in every smile makeover she designs and creates. No matter what keeps you from smiling fully, with today’s cosmetic dentistry advancements, anything is possible. The following before and afters are examples of smile makeovers completed by Dr. Daphne Kwan on her patients:

Cosmetic Recontouring | Smile Makeovers

bonding1b bonding1a

bonding2b bonding2a

bonding3b bonding3a

bonding4b bonding4a

bonding5b bonding5a

Gum Surgery| Periodontics

gum1b gum1a

gum2b gum2a

gum3b gum3a

gum4b gum4a

Dental Implants | Surgical & Restorative

implantb implanta

Veneers & Crowns | Cosmetic Dentistry

veneers1b veneers1a

veneers2b veneers2a

veneers3b veneers3a

veneers4b veneers4a

veneers5b veneers5a