Kindness in Action

Kindness In Action is a nonprofit charitable organization based in Alberta, Canada. Their goal is to deliver oral care with compassion while respecting the dignity of those in need.

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Dr. Kwan had the opportunity to travel with Kindness In Action to remote villages in Ecuador, where they addressed the desperate needs of the people. They treated several hundred of villagers aged from 3 years old to adults. With huge demand and limited resources, their primary goal was pain relief. They performed everything from examinations, extractions, fillings to dental cleanings. For many of these communities, it is their only opportunity in a year to receive this kind of care.

“With good hearts and lots of humility, we did what we could with what we had. This was truly a rewarding and life changing experience as we touched many lives and were able to give back with our skills. The gratitude we received was much greater than the costs and inconveniences. They touched our lives by making us better persons and helping us truly appreciate how privileged we are with what we have.” – Dr. Daphne Kwan